Saturday, May 5, 2012


I am fat. I never was "not fat"/thin/fit. I was fat ever since I was born and I haven't really entered the state of being just right except for that time when I was part of the Judenites' badminton varsity team. I was relatively in good condition then. But after graduating high school and graduating from the team, Istarted losing it once again. From a Large size shirt, I gained 2 shirt sizes, 50 lbs and I've lost my self-confidence. Not to mention, I actually think that I am unhealthy. Back then, I wouldn't really care because I don't feel that I am fat. Now, i can really feel it and it's just plain depressing. It sucks. 

I have to figure out a way to remove all of these and bring myself back. 

All efforts start tomorrow.. I have to do this. 

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