Friday, December 30, 2011

How It All Ended

Here's the conversation. I'm blue, she's red.

Still up?

Yeah. Sup?

Merry christmas mervs!
i need some advice okay lng magtext tayo?

Merry Christmas! Yes, what is it about?

About elton? Sorry kung sau ko sinasabi. Ok lng ba sau? Insensitive ba ako sau? Wala na kasi ako makausp.. But it is ok kung yaw m.

Nandyan na. Nasabi mo na. Nanliligaw ba?

Sorry... Cge. Nevermind... So insensitive of me... Ok lang naman. Have a happy christmas! :D

Nah. It's okay. We're friends anyway. What's up? Nag-aakyat ng ligaw? If you like him, entertain mo na. Nakwento mo dati kung gaano siya kaokay

Ndi siya nanliligaw. He wants me to b his gf. Im really shocked. N i dnt know what to do. Sobrang bilis ng pangyayari.ndi ako umoo ofcourse i need time to think. Ang bilis. Tapos huling isap nmin knina na ok n kami but now ndi siya nagrereply and wala n siyang fb account or ndi k n siya friend sa fb. Ewan ko.

Wow. That's.. Incredible.
Kilala mo na rin siya ng matagal tagal, di ba? It's really up to you. If you see him in that manner, then give it a shot. Pero, isip ka na lang ng mabuti. As for how he is reacting, maybe he's going through some stuff and he'd like to be alone for a moment..

So weird... Ang bilis ng lahat. I dnt know.. I also need time to think. Ndi ko naman naisip na magkakagusto un sa akin eh. I never thought that way sa kanya. Ewan.. Hai..
yah... Maybe he needs time but its really unfair...

Sabi ko nga sayo, I think he likes you... It is.. But life isn't always fair..

Ndi ko lubusang maisp... Ndi kasi ako yung type na girl niya. Totally oposite.

Well, you're not exactly unlikable either. Plus, the proximity. Would you want to talk about it? I can call.

Ndi n. May tao dito. Idnt want them to hear bout it.
i dnt know... Nagulat ako sa knya..

Ok. At least alam mo na ngayon.

Bkt... Bkt ako pa.. Hai..

What made you say or ask that?

Kasi ok naman na friends kami.
saka ndi naman ako likable. I dnt get it. Really..

Tingin mo ba tatanda kang dalaga? X.x

Ndi naman. Gusto ko naman magasawa noh. Saka yaw ng parents ko na maging kami. He's filipino remember..

Bawal ba? Some allow na kasi. Anyway, gusto mo mag-asawa, pero you don't think someone would like you?

Uhm.. Ndi sila strict pero they prefer chinese. And kasi nagbigay ng flower si elton so tinanung nila kung nanliligaw. So ang sinabi ko na lng oo. And their reaction is not good. Yaw ni mama..

I see..

Hai.. Bahala na.. Itutulog ko na lng. Cant stop from crying.. Thanks mervs! I appreciate it. Sobra...
and maybe i think we're better as friends na rin.. im sorry...

Yeah. Of course. He's your best friend and you really care about him.
Sige, itulog mo na lang if that's what you feel like doing.
Okay. It's okay. At least you're being honest right now at hindi mo na rin pinatagal. Good night. Merry Christmas.

Goodnight mervs! Thank you so much for everything. Merry christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heartbroken on Christmas Day

I was just playing the PSP when I received a message from her. I knew it was something weird. Then, she mentioned about Elton. Yeah. On Christmas day, she opened up about her problem with a friend. How convenient. And I was spending my time playing the PSP because I didn't want to be drowned in my thoughts... Because I was at times thinking about her. I didn't want to fall. I didn't want to invest too much because I knew that it might end up in nothing. But I guess that's just mission impossible. Because I knew that I liked her. I just didn't know how much... Until today, when she broke my heart. I finally learned how much I've suppressed the feelings that I could have for one girl... Just because of my past.

She opened up with a message asking if I could talk to her because she needed someone to talk to.

Yes, of course, that was always my role and field of expertise... listening to problems and trying to help whoever I can. I said yes... Only to be surprised with what she replied: It was about Elton.

I knew it. He's courting her. I don't know why she never thought that it would be weird for me to hear this. When she did, it was too late. I told her to just tell me.

He wants to be her boyfriend. Wow. Okay. What's next then?

She didn't say yes. She's confused.

We went on talking and etcetera.

Until her final text....

I think we should just be friends too. I'm sorry. Okay. Thanks.

Yeah. You broke my heart on Christmas Day 2011. Let's end it this way.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Bells Are Ringing... Again

Finally, I get to blog again because it's the Christmas season. This means that I still have a Christmas vacation. With the challenges of med school, it's quite difficult for me to find the time to blog and express what's on my mind. Anyway, here's the latest update.

My brother (the second brother whom I call DiHya) just got engaged and he's going to get married on January 15. His fiance seems to be nice. We don't know her much yet, really. My brother sort of made sure that we didn't know any of her girl friends especially when he broke up with the one that he introduced to us. It was weird, of course because the girl was quite close to us. So, when they broke up, it was just sad and all of the sudden. After that, he never introduced any of the girls to us. Well, that was until he was about to marry her. :) She's okay. But as usual, there's always a point of disagreement and argument and the shit has just introduced itself to us. Ack. January 15 is the day. Good luck to my brother.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

... And I guess I forgot to write while I was drowning of wallowing melancholy that only med school can bring.