Thursday, September 29, 2011

After the Storm

I woke up today still feeling a tad bit tired from yesterday's rehearsals. I got ready for school and as usual, I chose to enter the building a tad bit late. I don't know what's up with this day or what would be in store for us simply because class suspensions aren't our friends in terms of the schedules. It seems that everything would be suddenly disorganized because everything had to be moved. This week should be our Medicine Week celebration but the activities have been postponed and we are not even certain when it would be. 

I was walking along the drive toward my building and it's just funny how taunting the skies could be. The rays of the sun hit the floor as if there was no storm the day before - as if it had not taken away much lives. Yet, as I walk, I see the remnants of the catastrophe. What would have been a loud and festive week was silenced and the venue simply deserted. Everybody trying to grab a book and attempt to move on with their lives, picking up where they left and hoping that things would be as normal as it was. 

Well, we could all at least try. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ending it with a BANG!

Love can kill.

Despite the hectic schedule of a medical student, I still find time to have one of my senses tune into the news channels. My eyes are focused on what I am reading and I am selectively listening to the news feeds on a local news channel. I would only look at the screen whenever I am on a break or if something unusual was being reported. However, what I've heard is not only unusual.

Just a week ago, an infuriated wife set out to kill her cheating husband and she chose to do it at a mall. Then, a few days ago, we've heard of another case, this time involving two gay teenagers who were termed as lovers doing the same thing. Two similar cases but was treated differently by the public.

On one hand, the action of the wife who was engulfed with concupiscence was not approved by the majority but was still given much leave for her situation. Perhaps it was because of pity or sympathy that somehow mitigated her murderous act but it does not take back the fact that she ended a life. On the other hand, the action of the homosexual teenager seemed to have elicited a lot of negative responses and no understanding at all from the public. First on the hot seat was the sexual preference of the teenagers before they thought of the lack of supervision in the parents' parts and the lack of security in the mall owner's part.

It's saddening how two very similar situations can be seen in two different lights just because of out culture and impulsivity. Somehow, a lot of factors could have come into play and should have been considered.

Has anyone considered the ages of the suspects? One was a minor who was termed by most ethical and legal premises as an individual who has yet to become fully knowledgeable and understanding of his or her actions and its consequences. the other one was an adult with a child or two whom she would have to support. I am not aware if there are any support groups like Gabriela backing her up or anything but if they were, I believe they were fighting for a wrong cause. I would have understood her actions and considered it IF she was being mistreated or abused in any way. But in the news reports, it seemed that she acted impulsively. She mentioned that she cannot bear with the situation of having to take care of her child all alone and that she was set to murder her husband and kill herself afterwards. I believe most support groups are their to empower people who are oppressed to take the right cause and fight for their rights. They are not there to encourage people to kill others. At any rate, have all measures been exhausted to make the relationship work or perhaps to terminate the relationship in a decent manner? If not, will killing another human being ever be a justifiable resort? It may be true that the suspect was engulfed with her emotions and passion but again that is really hard to prove unless you were there at the situation. Nonetheless, defined by the law, the wife was of LEGAL age and could be trusted to act according to moral norms. The child was not.

Somehow, it seems that being homosexual was deemed as an aggravating circumstance for this case. I have no discriminations for the homosexuals except when they invade too much of my space but I don't believe that being gay predisposes you to commit such a crime. The two situations happening in a narrow time difference would be a testament that LOVE and the inability to deal with love or the misconceptions of how love should be is the problem. It seems that it's more of a moral dilemma that we have to deal with in order to resolve the problem completely. The whole issue about homosexuality is a different issue and should not be injected to this case just because a homosexual was involved.

This seems to be one of the factors that cannot be excused at all. A vast majority spend their leisure time in malls which were considered to be a relatively safe place... until now. It is indeed undeniable that the lax security of the malls are one of the big factors that precipitated the crime. Fingers could either be pointed at the strictness of security guards or the lack of their number. Whatever it is, clearly something has to be done. Mall owners should take responsibility and increase the number of security personnel. At the same time, security agencies should also device a protocol of detecting dangerous weapons or paraphernalia which may be brought in to the malls. Whatever these mall owners or security personnel should do, they must do it at once and ensure that measures will be made.

Somehow, it may seem that this is only applicable for one of the situations. However, I recall in the news story that the wife entrusted her child to her mother. I don't have maternal instincts and I won't ever have one. But I would like to think that it should have kicked in at that instant. I cannot imagine a mother consenting her daughter to commit murder and suicide. Even if the suspect already had a mind of her own and can decide for herself, I believe that proper advice from her parents especially when traces or clues were apparent must be elicited. As for the teenager's case, the parents obviously lacked supervision and they admitted that. Hopefully, parents would be more weary of their children's activities and be more involved. Well, the right type of involved - not to the point of privacy invasion.

Many fingers have been pointed and whoever or whatever that can be blamed has been blamed. But in reality it's a mumbo jumbo of all these things. As I would always say, it's not pointing out who's responsible. It's taking responsibility to make sure that it would never happen again. All these factors have contributed to the situation - not just a single one. Whatever the root of cause could be, we should explore what can be done in order to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies and restore the safety and security we can enjoy in public places.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Somehow, I'm having quite a persistent headache. I think I'm going down with the flu and it cannot be any less unfortunate since tomorrow I'm going to join an essay writing contest and I'm also rehearsing for broadway. Not to mention, I still am a medical student and I have a lot of pending things to do. So, I'll just have to brace myself for that. Good luck to me. I hope I can get everything done really well.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Somnolent Detachment

Somehow, I became really lethargic lately. I can't seem to get myself to do anything lately. I always want to sleep or I always end up sleeping. Weird.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I can't describe how bad it hurts to be in Medicine and be less than mediocre here. It's so hard when you are used to getting by so well and then suddenly feel as if you are as good as trash in a different world.

I just really hope that I am really having difficulty adjusting because that would mean that it's bound to get better. Otherwise, it would just flat out suck. :(

Monday, September 5, 2011

Actions speak louder than words

Just today, I had this epiphany. Words are futile and actions are more effecting than those words. I have to do things and not say that I have to do them. I noticed that that has been the difference lately. It's always scheduling to do this and accomplish that. When the scheduling means nothing compared with actually doing it. I should keep that perspective. Actions speak louder than words.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Academic Frustrations

Our 1st shifting grades were just released last week and saying that I am frustrated with my remarks is a complete understatement of how I am feeling right now. I know I could have really done better and displayed more maturity to save the disaster that I am beset with right now. To be honest, I am not really certain how I'll be able to bounce back from this dilemma. I guess I have no choice but to pick the shattered pieces one by one and let the wounds heal. 

They always tell me that I have the capacity to bounce back or I'll be able to find my way. I can't help but think, "What if I can't?" But what the heck. I just have to keep on trying. One step at a time. Life is not about maintenance. It's resilience. I need to keep that or find that. 

So, I Write Again

I key in a letter to form a word. A word that I'm hoping would be able to illuminate the shadow of my thoughts. Then, I realized that it wasn't enough for me. I need a whole sentence. I typed in more words to make it complete. I was able to complete my sentence. But I felt something inside that made me want to go on. So, I let things loose and started to go on with my scribbling. Before I knew it, I'm suddenly doing what I loved to do once again. I suppose the heart of a writer can never cease beating unless life was taken away from him.

I am a writer. I live in my words and my words breathe me. We are two inseparable entities. We may take a vacation from each other only to preserve our relationship but never to completely divorce from one another. I am a writer who has climbed his way to the top of the chain. Now, I'm beyond the chains and positions. It's merely for maintaining the literary nirvana the writer in me has longed for. I write for no greater impressions nor to hide my inhibitions. It's for pure expression and storytelling. With that, I need nothing more.