Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Commencement

So in a few hours, school will start again. I've kind of lost count how many first days I've had so far. I don't think I'll run out of it. I'll have my servings of firsts from time to time. I wouldn't like it otherwise because life would be pretty darn boring if life becomes monotonous and predictable. I should be doing a lot of things though.. I mean things that are not really related to my leisure or lifestyle choice. I should be studying but I haven't really started. I should be sleeping but I still have some product on my face. I should be really thinner but I just munched on some chocolate bars awhile ago. I can't say I'm lost. I just probably lost some juice about stuff. I guess I'm just trying to maximize the chill part of life. In all honesty, I am quite ready to go back to school. I've bummed out as much as I can and now, I'm just willing to go back to my busy life. I'm just not that estatic about having to deal with some of the people but oh well. :)

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