Saturday, September 5, 2015

Resilience.. Or the lack thereof.

I can still remember pretty well the part assigned to me back in our thesis presentation. We conducted a study on the lived experiences of post-stroke patients and we collated the responses and generalized that one of the things they've developed over time was resilience. Funny how that was the part or the trait assigned to me and at the time, I believe I've somehow embodied that tried.

Unfortunately, I cannot declare the same as we speak. I can pinpoint that debacle once more and sound like a broken record trying to use that excuse and seem like in a perpetual state of crying over spilled milk. Perhaps it was that even that started it all. But the main problem is that I cannot bounce back from that event. It seems that I got sucked into that moment and I was never able to let go and move on. Thus, it hinders me from flying once more. It kept on letting me hold back and coward a great leap.

Maybe in a few days I'll find wisdom. But for now, I'll try to live on and keep things in as much of a stable state as possible.

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