Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At the Breaking Point.

They don't know how much it hurts and they don't know how insulting it could be. Sometimes, it's okay to have fun but they have to know when to get serious. It's okay to be lenient but you have to know when not to be.

I'm tired of allotting time for practices when I have other priorities that needs to be taken cared of. I want to lend my voice to the chorale but the publication needs me more than that. I think I'm quite done with this. Another one and I might break away. I no longer feel good joining it if this would be the case. The singing part is great but the pressure for Himig Tomasino is intense. Add to that, the personal relationships just really aggravate everything. It's bull shit. They think it's not noticeable? Bull. It's too obvious how things are going and who's emerging as a pair. 

What hurts more is that at the end of the road, I might have to face the journal alone once again. I don't know if the people who promised to help will help. Add to that, I somehow feel that I no longer want to do any of these arts. It brings me pain and disappointment. 

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