Monday, January 31, 2011


I guess no one can ever figure out the misery running through my psyche unless they have the unfortunate ability to read my mind and sense my emotions. 

It has been one tiring ride to have trudged on and yet I find myself in the middle of the road trying to make well with scraps of junk trying to grasp something when there is nothing there to hold on to. That's basically the story of my everyday life. Trying to make do keep the flame alive when there is no fuel to even let it ignite. I don't know how much I will be able to endure. My resilience is proving to be frail and the efforts are again, as always futile. It used to be a great grand psy-war. But now, it has become physical - somnolent detachment seems to be the only resolution when the corporal won't even cooperate for some fragments of time. It used to be able to endure the tests of difficulties and challenges. Now, it's just succumbing to the greatest threats of wear and tear. How much more will I be able to take? I'll soon find out. But as smart as I always try to be, I don't take risks that I cannot handle. So there, I'll take some resignation to the fact that I am no superhuman. I need my rest and I can only get it when I give it to myself. 

I bid farewell to the non-essentials and the postpone-able. For now, I need to keep the eyes on the prize and chase for that end in mind. Mediocrity is not acceptable, failure or anything less of the goal is not acceptable and regrets will never take place in my life as I continue with this race. 

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