Friday, March 4, 2011

Cyclical Occurences

It's time, once again, to write a damn editorial and a column. It's also time to edit a humungous pile of articles that would give me intense anaphylactic shocks with insanely erroneous grammar. I really am starting to get sick of this job. There are times when I feel like I am getting infected with their linguistic diseases and there would not be enough verbal vaccine to serve as prophylaxis. What's worse is that when it's my time to write, I suddenly see myself withdrawing to stagnation and spacing out. the passion that I keep trying so hard to burn all throughout the assumption of my position hath proven to be insanely futile as I have been in constant burn out. I believe I can even win the award for the student who had endured a burn out the longest - 2 damn freaking years of editorship. Honestly, there ain't gain. You get criticized, complained at. People scrutinize your outputs and those who have been favored are just plane ingrates. Yes. I hate this job but I do it because I believe I'm the best person for the job and this is the sacrifice that I have to make for the college and of course for my batch. Yeah. Doesn't make sense. I know. I hate this fucking superego. Sheeet. I need to have some damn sleep. My lids are closing and the serotonin is high. I just have to continue this soon.

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