Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yeah. And I still call you my friend?

Merv, i may nvr knw hw hurt u are bt i cudnt believe wat u are doing. Maskt kg mskt bt wat u are doing is creating a greater irreversible damage than wat u've experiencd. I may nvr experience wat u've bin thru for 2 yrs bt u cud nvr match to the 2 years of wat ive gven to the colege. Y? Becoz no mater hw many pipol tried to destroy the council and me, ive nvr and wil nvr resort to wat u are doing. Ur 1 of the true frnds that i have bt i cudnt and wil nvr suport wat u r doing becoz communication cud easily resolve ds dilema. Sori merv bt i hope u cud realize the acts that u have done to our colege.

If communication could have easily resolved this matter, it should have started from the side of the candidates from the start. The efforts of communicating are acknowledged. Pero marami hindi na katanggap-tanggap yung nangyari. Low blow yun na hindi lang makukuha sa isang "sorry" sa amin. Wala naman kaming sinisiraan. Pinapaalala lang namin na irespeto ang pahayagan. Tumutulong kami sa inyo sa coverage ng events niyo pero ganyan ang pagtrato niyo. I can easily stop. The others won't be able to. Perhaps if there are some things that would enrage council members and staffers. There are some things that only journalists can understand.

Pero merv, wat do u thnk ang naramdaman namin nun pntan0ng un nature? Isnt it a low blow as wel to us? My only point is the act that u have done is nt the ryt one and wat it has done is a greater damage dan wat any of us cud have expectd. Im sori merv, i knw ur mad and evrythng bt do remember that there are situations dat cud cloud ur judgment and one of them is being mad

Perhaps, pero paano kaya kayo nagreact nun? Stopping a program? How do we hurt the college when we tell the students to respect the publication which has been dragged in a political mess? Dapat lang malaman ng students na hindi dapat dinadamay ang publication sa gulo ng mga tumatakbo. Di naman kami nanggulo. Grabe, bakit parang bawal kami makaramdam ng galit at hinanakit when you clearly haven't stopped talking about it publicly? Di ba nakakasira rin yan? Di na ba studyante at bahgi ng college ang naaagrabyado? Please do it first before even thinking about it. It's a different context.

I won't argue wth u anymre kc alam k0ng marerealize m rn gnwa m

Kasi wala kaming sinisiraan. It's a simple statement na apolitical and neutral kami.ΓΌ


  1. Your response was logical, reasons are just and valid as well.

  2. If you were in this position, what would you do?

  3. what was all he was saying about being too inappropriately mad? he was the one too inappropriately hurt to be objective.