Friday, November 4, 2011


Lately, I haven't been updating my blog despite the luxurious time that I am blessed with which we call semestral break. Well, it's just that during breaks, I am not keen on updating anyone about me except for some select friends that I know truly cares about what's going on with my life. In a few days, I will head back to the masochistic-sadistic life I live in medical school. It seems as if I just want the constant presence of avoidable pressure if only I chose a different career path. Well, I figure that I would be able to help more people with the path I am taking and it's not like I have much of a choice now anyway. But I suppose for now, I shall stand still with my decision that I might stop if I fail a subject. 

Anyhow, what has been up lately?

I am trying to lose weight because I don't feel well anymore. There are times that a flight of stairs would already be a challenge for me. I suppose I'm just not used to the sedentary lifestyle. I am going on a diet soon.. together with my mom. Add to that, I figured ti will be really useful if and when I join the UST Medicine Badminton Varsity Team. Apart from that, I hate the sight of stretch marks. I already had them and I figured I wouldn't want to add more to that. I hate being an ugly piece of crap. Sa Med, bobo na nga ako, pangit pa? Ayaw ko nga! Saan na lang ako pupulutin niyan diba? Sige na ako na bobo, pero pwede naman umayos itsura ko eh. Haha. Shit. That was a stupid thing to say. :))

Apart from that, I'm becoming the TV series junkie that I am. I hate to push off all those academic requirements but I can't help but give in to temptation because I just really want to cherish the vacations I have left. Anyhow, I'm going crazy for singing competitions, specifically X FACTOR both UK and USA version. I already have my bets. It's hands down Melanie Amaro for me. :D She can outsing anyone! For X Factor UK, I'd go for Misha B. :) Oh well, I'm sleepy now. Update next time. 

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