Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heartbroken on Christmas Day

I was just playing the PSP when I received a message from her. I knew it was something weird. Then, she mentioned about Elton. Yeah. On Christmas day, she opened up about her problem with a friend. How convenient. And I was spending my time playing the PSP because I didn't want to be drowned in my thoughts... Because I was at times thinking about her. I didn't want to fall. I didn't want to invest too much because I knew that it might end up in nothing. But I guess that's just mission impossible. Because I knew that I liked her. I just didn't know how much... Until today, when she broke my heart. I finally learned how much I've suppressed the feelings that I could have for one girl... Just because of my past.

She opened up with a message asking if I could talk to her because she needed someone to talk to.

Yes, of course, that was always my role and field of expertise... listening to problems and trying to help whoever I can. I said yes... Only to be surprised with what she replied: It was about Elton.

I knew it. He's courting her. I don't know why she never thought that it would be weird for me to hear this. When she did, it was too late. I told her to just tell me.

He wants to be her boyfriend. Wow. Okay. What's next then?

She didn't say yes. She's confused.

We went on talking and etcetera.

Until her final text....

I think we should just be friends too. I'm sorry. Okay. Thanks.

Yeah. You broke my heart on Christmas Day 2011. Let's end it this way.

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