Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Stretch

I guess this is what we call it. Last stretch. We're nearing the home base and there is nothing we can do about it but to do our best with whatever we have and probably give it our all. Lucky, or in a  different aspect, unlucky for those who don't need to take the final examination. Well, they are lucky because they can practically start their summer vacation a week or two earlier than us commoners. However, they are unlucky in the sense that they will not be able to gauge, even in just a sporadic, foolish, one-shot test, how much they have actually learned in the course. Well, everything happens for a reason. I didn't get any exemptions for the annual subjects. Yes, the announcements have not been made yet but I know for a fact that I won't be exempted because i do compute for my grades and they are insanely far away from the exemption. I wouldn't even be attempting for it anymore this year. Next year would be a totally different story though.

At any rate, I am hanging by the line to be a dean's lister in med. I swear it's difficult and it's quite a struggle for me as compared to others but it's not impossible. I just need to break away from feeling so tired. After all, I need to forgive myself. My credentials will speak for itself that I had a very tiring course in college. Well, I'll just have to strive better now. enough of the frustrations and just look at the blessings. :)

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