Saturday, September 22, 2012


The shortness of life never ceases to stun me.

I woke up this morning begrudgingly getting myself out of bed to attend Medwards rehearsals once again. A huge part of me wants to quit because I'm not feeling the old feeling that I had when we first performed last year. Not to mention, the academic load is quite overwhelming that even a little variation in my scheduled programming seemed to be too much for me. So, I packed my stuff and left immediately because I was already late... actually, the ride was going to be late for the next stop.  Unfortunately, I left a lot of things at home. It was resolved anyway, I asked my sister-in-law to bring it to UST before she goes to Manila. Anyway, I was trying to chill out for a few this morning and browsed using the Sun Broadband that my brother lent me. I was browsing around then I suddenly came across the Facebook page of my cousin's wife. She has been battling the Big C for quite some time now and she's been an inspiration to a lot of people. I was surprised that she had just passed away. I don't know really how to react. I'm not close with them but they're still family. I'm sad cause she's just a ray of light for everyone. Hopefully, that ray of light will never be shadowed despite her passing. Hope she's happy where she is now. Rest in peace, Atsi Mimi!

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