Friday, May 31, 2013

Days Before the Opening

It's just 2 days before the start of Academic Year 2013-2014 and I still have numerous things that I wish I could do. A big part of me doesn't want this summer vacation to end because this would be the last summer vacation that I will have - assuming I don't fail anything in Med School (which seems like something likely). This year, I'll be trying a shot at having Magna Cum Laude grades. I slipped a little last year and just got a very low mark. If I want to make up for it this year, I really have to hustle and focus on everything. But before I shift gears and go into that mode, I want to relish the remains of what will be my last summer vacation and do prepare myself for school. I mean I don't want to cram everything in the last minute. Come to think of it, I'll try to place everything on the weekends. My social life, I mean. I'll try to go out on weekends still despite the busy schedule. Maybe it can still work out. I mean I can make things happen when I want to. 

In another light, I guess this whole unchecked-things-to-do-list of my last summer vacation is just a testament to how I have been handling the situations that I've encountered recently. It's as if I'm not taking charge of the things that's happening in my life. Instead, I'm letting it get the best of me. I no longer make ways to get what I want. I just accept whatever is given to me. In other words, I've grown to be passive - which is not like me back then. Maybe it's time to get back to my roots and be who I used to be. It's good to realize this just days before the opening. :)

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