Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reunion Mal-union

Every year, we have a family Christmas party organized by my maternal aunties to try and keep the family intact. I believe this all started when my grandmother was in her last few days and she wanted to have all her children together. They did what they had to and showed up in those reunions and were mostly in the hospital trying to please my dying grandma. I can't really recall every detail since I was young when she passed. All I know is that after her death, they decided to keep the tradition. Thus, we have a Chua's Christmas party tomorrow at a place I don't know where. Yes. That's always the case anyway. I never know where my body will be brought to until I actually get there. That's how inconsiderate they are of a person's rights. Anyhow, that is going to happen tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, we have a very important balikbayan friend that we need to entertain tomorrow and so y mom has her perfect excuse to bail on her family once more. I can never really say the reason why she's like this but I have my own guesses. At any rate, we are not going to be together tomorrow. It's either we would go to the reunion first and then follow after the party to the other party or just plainly stick to the other party. It's just unfortunate that the family air is no longer present. my brothers have some conflicts with my uncle and aunts since they are working with them. Thus, during holidays and rest days, they are automatically deemed as eye sores. Needless to say, they are not so inclined to go too.

It's just sad because I am not close with my cousins and I believe that this is one big factor that contributed to that. I wonder how it could have been like if I had a cousin that's really close to me ever since birth? well, that's not going to happen anymore. I just find it wrong that my mom would always lecture and push us to be each other when she can't do it herself. 

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