Saturday, December 18, 2010

UST @ 400: Are You Ready?

The quadricentennial anniversary of the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas is fast approaching, and everyone is preoccupied with the physical preparation and the formation of activities for this academic year. Yet, while everyone is filled with the grand desire to have a worthy salutation to the oldest existing university in Asia, there are vital aspects in the said celebration that may have been overlooked in the process. Most of the preparations focus on the physical setup and not on reliving the culture and values that brought the University to its 400 years of continuing excellence. Numerous innovative and ambitious activities have been conceptualized and implemented to accomplish anything that would sum up to 400, leaving a jam-packed academic year for the faculty and students. It would be essential to consider if these activities still fulfill the purpose of the celebration. Which is important, the quantity of activities or their quality?
Celebration of momentous occasions demands activities that are congruent with the commemoration of how UST had grown, stood the test of time and morphed into the University as we see it now. Significantly, it should uphold the values and virtues that stood as the elements of its foundation to be the globally recognized university that it is. As grandiose and booming as we want the celebration to be, it is essential that all the activities reflect and uphold the Thomasian values and principles. More importantly, these are the readiness and willingness of the university, faculty and students to be examples of true Thomasians upholding the culture of excellence it has established from its prime. If we are willing to uphold the Thomasian values and spirit, then we are ready for the quadricentennial celebration. If we have embodied the image of a true Thomasian - committed, compassionate and competent, then we are ready for the quadricentennial celebration.
Now, here is the grand question: Are you ready?

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