Saturday, September 3, 2011

So, I Write Again

I key in a letter to form a word. A word that I'm hoping would be able to illuminate the shadow of my thoughts. Then, I realized that it wasn't enough for me. I need a whole sentence. I typed in more words to make it complete. I was able to complete my sentence. But I felt something inside that made me want to go on. So, I let things loose and started to go on with my scribbling. Before I knew it, I'm suddenly doing what I loved to do once again. I suppose the heart of a writer can never cease beating unless life was taken away from him.

I am a writer. I live in my words and my words breathe me. We are two inseparable entities. We may take a vacation from each other only to preserve our relationship but never to completely divorce from one another. I am a writer who has climbed his way to the top of the chain. Now, I'm beyond the chains and positions. It's merely for maintaining the literary nirvana the writer in me has longed for. I write for no greater impressions nor to hide my inhibitions. It's for pure expression and storytelling. With that, I need nothing more.

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