Thursday, September 29, 2011

After the Storm

I woke up today still feeling a tad bit tired from yesterday's rehearsals. I got ready for school and as usual, I chose to enter the building a tad bit late. I don't know what's up with this day or what would be in store for us simply because class suspensions aren't our friends in terms of the schedules. It seems that everything would be suddenly disorganized because everything had to be moved. This week should be our Medicine Week celebration but the activities have been postponed and we are not even certain when it would be. 

I was walking along the drive toward my building and it's just funny how taunting the skies could be. The rays of the sun hit the floor as if there was no storm the day before - as if it had not taken away much lives. Yet, as I walk, I see the remnants of the catastrophe. What would have been a loud and festive week was silenced and the venue simply deserted. Everybody trying to grab a book and attempt to move on with their lives, picking up where they left and hoping that things would be as normal as it was. 

Well, we could all at least try. 

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