Friday, May 27, 2011


I was finally able to muster the enough courage and ask her out. After a long time of not trying to give love a host, I guess I'm taking my baby steps to welcome the possibility of allowing myself to fall for someone special once again. I can't say I love her, not yet. But I daresay that she's really someone special to me. I don't want to rush things. I don't want to expect anything. I'd rather have things as it is.. for now. But soon, I'd like to have either a yes or a no - nothing in between. I'm done with non-sense suspension of my fate. I can handle a rejection, just not a hanging on the line. I'm also giving not having things work out as a possibility. But this time, I'd be more receptive of the other end.. I'd love to still be friends with her. But for now, I'll let nature take its course and gravity pull its magic on me.. :)

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