Friday, May 6, 2011


Let me tell you something about respect. I have learned with all my leadership experiences that I have incurred ever since I was young that respect is best earned through show and not scare. The influence should come willingly in a form of open invitation rather than coercion manifested by insecure threats.

You've manipulated a handful of people into doing things that you would want to do just to satisfy yourself. I won't allow that because I choose not to be manipulated by you. I am not as stupid as my friend and I can see the difference because I am more experienced and stronger than he is. I've been at it longer and I know what the rules and regulations exist for. I don't need to oppress others in order to satisfy my insecurities. I don't need to beat others just to display my strengths. I've known for a long time that I could do so without trying to throw comparisons with myself because it's apodictic. Even when I was young, my potentials and strengths showed for itself. I am a formed individual and I don't have residuals of my past haunting me and making me manipulate anyone in the present. 

I would still like to believe your good intentions. I would like to keep the good memories of how I see you as a father and how much I look up to you because doing that would give me hope that somehow, the person that I looked up to and respected was still there. Even if what I have been seeing now is the great change that took place. I didn't choose sides. You assigned me to that side because a lot of people were already on their offense with your camp. I am for the right and for most parts, I don't meddle. I've tried to defend your cause most of the times because I was holding on to the belief that the intentions were always good. Now, I question the intentions because it doesn't seem to be anymore. But, whatever now. I'm leaving the college and you are staying because it's where you work. I don't care about what you are going to do anymore because it's really up to you and whatever your conscience can bear. You can ruin as many people like me but it will never change the fact that you are one insecure individual with frustrations from your past. It will never take away the fact that you are immature enough to bring others down and ruin them. 

You and your babies have spread whatever lies that you want about me and I believe you were successful. I hope you're happy. I also hope that karma will kick your asses soon. I'm not going to do anything about what you've done. If people are true, then things would get better for me. It's up to them to discern what they believe and it's a blessing for me to see who are real from who are not. It's a matter of perspective and how you handle yourself in a crisis. Thank you for this experience. Thank you for the good and bad parts of the relationship. I shall be keeping you at a distant from now on until I can find it in my heart to trust you or see the old you again. 

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