Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Fact No. 2 and 3

I used to be a Math geek. :)

Back in Grade 1, I was the gold medalist for our math contest. But before that, I was a bit clueless about mathematics. I wasn't able to add anything that needed to be carried over back when I was in Prep III. I know I shouldn't be remembering such things from my childhood but somehow I do remember a lot of things when I make mistakes. That would be my Random Fact No 3 - I learn best from my mistakes. But let me finish this one first. I still do like Mathematics and I still have my mental computing abilities intact. However, the path I've taken doesn't utilize Mathematics as much. Math is simply something that I can pass without studying. I can't speak the same for the advanced subjects like Calculus and Trigonometry. But in general, I'm good in Math. Not to mention, I'm Chinese. :))

I learn best from my mistakes.

Somehow, that's how I learn best. I can try to sit down and face the books and memorize whatever I can try but I swear I will not be able to absorb everything that I read. I need to make mistake in quizzes and then I will remember things. Just like how my teacher humiliated me because I was always perspiring and I have oily skin back in Prep II. I shall never forget that evil teacher Mrs. Zenaida Ona for calling me to the platform and citing me as an example of a very unhygienic child. I suppose she didn't learn how to be a good educator with that. I also cannot forget how my Prep III Chinese teacher also told me that I didn't deserve to be an honor student just because I fail her Chinese subjects and fly in the English subjects. I suppose these are the learned experiences that led me to become the opposite of who I was when I was a child. Wow, good insight. Bwahahaha! :))

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