Monday, June 27, 2011


I've hated writing for quite some time. I hated it because I forced myself to write so many times just because my job compels me too. There was no passion, no meaning.. no reason. It was purely transactional and devoid of any inspiration that I would normally have even with the word choice and the phrasing stylistics I employ. It was just purely for the sake of accomplishing the task and making sure that it was an article decent enough to be written by the 2-time editor-in-chief of the UST Nursing Journal.

My term is over and now, I am back to being a normal writer/blogger who has no obligations of making everything as perfect as how the ideal picture would be. I can make mistakes and no one would really magnify it. Well, at least not to the magnitude as it used to be.

I can write again. I can express again. Little by little it has come back. Now, I just need to hold on to it and not let the extreme measures subject it to the previous torture that it had endured.

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