Saturday, August 13, 2011

If I was taken away from you right now, at this very second, would it even matter?
Would you even care?
Did you ever care?
How much do I mean to you?
By now, you probably learned how to sum me up to a few pieces of your precious and beloved bills.
I have been equated to just one of your many accounts which you can exchange.
That's how easy it is, isn't it?
I don't mean a thing to you at all.
I'm just a son that you've converted to a slave of all your wants.
After much utilization, I have no other worth.
I am not one that you love nor to your opinion brings about honor.
I am not one that you find worth supporting but you just love to emburden.
It's okay for me to lose everything just as long as my brothers won't lose anything.
It's easy for you to let me go because you believe that I can stand alone.
Yes, you've neglected me more than everyone else even when I was still young.
I'm tired and I want out.
That's it. You've caused me more pain than anyone else.
I wish you knew this somehow.
I can no longer take care of you.

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