Monday, January 23, 2012


What is a door?

A piece of hard wood dividing a room from another?

I suppose so. 

I recall having discussed an essay entitled On Doors by Christopher Morley in our World Literature class back in Nursing. I tried digesting every bit of the essay and breaking down the meaning of the words and the essence of the whole piece. The reality was and still is that the piece was relatively simple and easy to understand. Not much analysis must be made to interpret the essay. It was pretty much straightforward. Doors are meant to maintain our privacy, letting our secrets remain secrets. And I have to be honest, I love them.. especially when they have functional locks. 

I speak of this because I've just felt the need of locking my doors lately to send a message to my family. You see, in our house, knocking is not a habit. They just barge in. It wasn't until my brother got married that an ounce of manners about privacy was introduced but for me it is too little of an effort to be accounted for. Case in point, my mom used to read our text messages when we are asleep. I feign sleeping one time when I heard her walk into our room and I caught her reading our messages. Yes, that's our mom, the parent who should have set good examples. She didn't. Apparently, she's never a good example and I've learned not to imitate whatever she's doing. But that's a totally different topic. Anyhow, it is then expected that before you enter the door, you knock. That's one thing that my family can never seem to learn how to do. 

As of this moment, I've been invaded so many times that I can lose count already. O_o 

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