Monday, January 2, 2012


What if life was just like the 4 seasons?

We would have a balance of everything. We would experience the warmth of summer, the despair of fall, the scarcity of winter and the blessing of spring. We would have a taste or a share of everything and a chance to retire to our beds knowing that someday it will surely come around - that a new beginning was possible. 

Somehow, I wish for this to be a reality in my life. I hope that I can experience the blessings that I see in spring - rebirth. I must admit that 2011 was quite a challenge for me. I've met a lot of trials and tribulations that struck me to the core. There were a lot of people that I've met and had crossed. Some hatchets were buried and others were kept until this very moment. I allowed myself to fall and had no one catch me at the end. Worst, she even dug a whole to bury me deeper. I tried to maintain my academics but I seem to have failed on that. (Although the academic year is not yet done.. So, I shouldn't and I wouldn't want to seal that conclusion).

However, I shouldn't also ignore the good things that happened. I graduated with honors, passed the board exams and released the necessary issues of Nursing Journal. But to be honest, it seemed as if it's more bad than good and I just want things to be better. I want to reconnect with my roots, myself. This would be a year dedicated to myself and making myself better.

I just hope that I could do this the way I should be doing. :)

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